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I have spent a weekend in November and a weekend in December in an auditorium full of creative female talent based and working in Ireland.

"This new initiative seeks to be a rapid intervention to address the gender imbalance in the audio-visual industry while encouraging the cross-pollination of ideas and collaborative practices between art forms and creative disciplines outside of the audio-visual sector."

Around a 150 participants, including directors, writers, producers, cinematographers, theatre and film actors, journalists, music composers, editors, etc. networked and listened to in-depth presentations from other female creatives sharing their stories, experience and offering advice and practical tips on breaking through the gender barrier and making our careers happen. Some men also presented, offering advice and highlighted schemes specifically designed to help women in these sectors to advance.

It was an exhilarating experience, and I met many new creative voices. I am happy to say there are some collaborations in the works for me with some of the participants. Keep an eye on this space. ;)


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