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Introducing new work - WHEN POSSIBLE, TAKE A U-TURN. A chic modern drama set in the northern suburbs of Dublin. What does one do to mend a broken heart? Dive deep into other people's lives.

Patricia Kelly, the brains behind this short film (writer, director, producer), and I scouted locations around Rush, Co. Dublin and filmed it for three days (including night exteriors). The weather didn't play ball with us the first night, so a lot of the shots we had planned had to be re-thought on the spot and reduced to make up for time lost.

I worked with mostly new crew and cast, and was impressed with the quality of talent this film attracted. Breege Rowley, editor, did an incredible job in telling the story with snappy edits. She worked closely with Natasa Paulberg, music composer, to help accentuate the sometimes hard edits, and help the pacing of the entire film. And the lead, Faye Sewell, is subtle in her performance, a perfect match for the role of Maggie.


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