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Leticia Agudo of Whackala, a film production company, was picked to take part in this year's ARRI Alexa Take, made possible by The Screen Directors Guild Ireland. They have teamed up with Arri Alexa cameras and Teach Solais lighting to provide a new resource for directors who would like to make a short film, trailer or music video, and make this package available to them for 3 days.

Leticia's prologue "Schooling" was filmed for the most part on location in Co. Wicklow and in Phoenix Park, Dublin. We were grateful to Roísín O'Donovan and Kelly Campbell for lending us their talent and to everyone involved in the three day shoot. I value the collaboration with Leticia - she's a focused director with a highly developed sense for visual and spacial storytelling. It was a pleasure to work with her again.

The ARRI Alexa Mini came with three Master Anamorphic lenses and it marked the first time that I was able to shoot this format. The carefully chosen locations lent themselves perfectly for this visual medium, and when the sun rays turned into beautiful oval lens flares I wanted to keep shooting one take after another. If it wasn't for Roísín having to land in the ice cold water of Irish Sea, I may have gotten my wish.

Here are some behind the scenes photos captured by Stefan Waldeck.


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