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A particularly juicy opportunity has come my way and I am here to tell you about it. A few months ago I was asked to join the production of Czech version of a popular TV reality show known as the Survivor. I went to the Philippines for 6 weeks where I worked as a camera operator on 32 episodes of the show. When all was done and finished I couldn't quite grasp the fact that the hard work has come to an end. Together with my fellow crew members we worked in high heat, long hours, and us camera operators carried a very heavy camera on our shoulders day in - day out. I got to visit several beautiful islands, got to take a boat ride to work every morning and back to base at the end of each day. I explored the area on my days off and made new friends. When the six weeks were over I felt I was a true Survivor - I had challenged myself physically and found that I have a lot more strength in me than I thought. I brought back other personally transforming realisations, and look back with a smile and fondness. Who knows whether this opportunity will knock on my door once more? I'll be ready if it does.


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