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"Lockdown Hoop" is a video I filmed during the first lockdown of 2020, in the streets of Dublin. It was born out of a craving to capture the empty streets, admirations of Jeanne's hoop skills, and a mild (read substantial) obsession with the tune it is set to, kindly lent by "Sour Fruit" band.

The idea was simple - get together but stay apart (I was always at least 2 metres away and wore a mask), find quiet spots (which ended up proving tricky as people ventured more and more outdoors with the warm weather, lockdown or not) and film Jeanne do her magic. I had a tripod and a camera, and looked for symmetry in a city of (almost) none. The edit was finished during the second lockdown of 2020, while I was brazing the temperatures of Swedish winter.


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